Connect mind, body & soul. Flow with the Qi ('chi') energy of life with Qi Retreats.

Wellness, Dive and Yoga Adventures in Nature 

Qi Retreats takes you on personalised adventures from scuba diving into the deep abyss of the ocean, to hiking up to the Himalayan mountains. Rejuvenate with sunrise and sunset yoga sessions while connecting with your inner peace through wellness retreats in cultural and spiritual places in nature.

Why join Qi Retreats?

We take you off-the-beaten-path to special destinations where you can immerse yourself in nature to relax and revitalize. 

Different levels of wellness adventures catered for you! Choose from beach camping, detox and wellness yoga retreats, scuba diving and freediving adventures, hiking and trekking through Himalayas and more. 

Emphasis on community sharing of knowledge about physical and mental wellness. You contribute to making the trip a fruitful one for yourself and others.

We encourage self-exploration and personal journeys. Spend time interacting with others, but also have time for yourself to internalize and increase self-awareness. 

We create a community that continues to engage and connect after our retreats.

Upcoming Retreats