Find your peace and balance with the ultimate relaxation on the ocean.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga in Bohol, Philippines


 What is SUP Yoga? Stand Up Paddleboard  or SUP yoga is a combination of yoga and stand-up paddleboarding. It is a fun full body workout and will definitely energise your senses in a completely different way.

If practising yoga on the mat is great for you, why not try yoga on the SUP board! Come into 'downward dog' and inverted asanas to see the world upside down. Perfect your balance in warrior poses. Feel the waves lapping and rocking beneath you as you relax in 'shavasana' or corpse pose, which is definitely better on the ocean than on the mat! Feeling adventurous? Try headstands or chakrasana (wheel pose).

For beginners who are not familiar with yoga, SUP yoga can be a great way to find your balance and experience the ultimate relaxation on the water. For ocean lovers, the feeling of floating on the water in the middle of the ocean releases all your stress and tensions away. Come try it yourself! SUP yoga is suitable for everyone, as long as you have a good sense of adventure and love the water!

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SUP Yoga Bohol Experience the ultimate relaxation on the ocean. The only place in Bohol offering SUP yoga sessions on the ocean. 

We are located on Alona beach, in Panglao island, Bohol, Philippines. White sandy shores of Alona beach make this a tropical paradise for beach and ocean lovers.  Cruise along the coast in the most eco-friendly and natural way by SUP.  Look for our bright yellow and orange SUP boards outside the Buzz Cafe and U-bar on Alona beach.

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1 hour session

1,200 pesos/person 

Includes use of SUP board, intro to stand-up paddle boarding, SUP yoga class with instruction and photos posted on our Facebook page!  

How it works: First we start with some light warm-up and stretching on the beach. Then an introduction to stand-up paddle boarding, how to stand up, paddle and manoeuvre, before we cruise off the shore of Alona beach to explore the ocean. Then we find a spot to start the SUP yoga class led by instructor, finishing off the session with photoshoot and then paddling back into the sunset.

Daily sessions from 430-530pm, advance booking required. For alternative timing, please contact us. 

Booking : +63 9771366893    

Check out photos of our SUP YOGA sessions on Alona beach!