SUP YOGA RETREAT, Loboc River, Bohol, Philippines


Exclusive SUP YOGA RETREAT in May 2015 by the Loboc River hosted by SUP Tours Philippines and Qi Retreats. Event details here.

About Loboc:  The name of “Loboc” is derived from the word “lobok”, a word referring to the act of pounding something with the use of mortar and pestle. It is said that when the early missionary fathers came to this inland village, they approached a villager who was pounding rice. They asked for the name of the place. Assuming that he was asked what was he doing, he replied, “ga lobok”. Thus, the place is called “Loboc”.

Summer event 2015 held at The Fox and the Firefly, organised by SUP Tours Philippines together with Qi Retreats and SUP Yoga Bohol.  

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